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Violet Sun Riggs

I’m a designer with a background in user experience, product, and graphic design projects - large and small. I have experience working with clients on robust, overarching design projects as well as supporting individuals and businesses with smaller design components and collateral.

Originally from San Francisco CA, I graduated with a BA in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University in 2011 with an emphasis in product design. Working at several early-stage Silicon Valley startups and small businesses, I have over a decade of design experience specializing in user experience, product, and graphic design.

As a recent transplant to Nashville, I love exploring the city and hiking the surrounding trails. If you’d like to connect (or if you have any suggestions for what to see or do in Nashville), let's chat!


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Designer - User experience, product and graphic design

Freelance projects specializing in graphic, product, and UX projects. Working with individuals and companies on projects ranging from web design, app development, technical design and illustrations, brand identity, and user experience in both the physical and digital realms.

Professional diploma in UX Design, Glasgow Caledonian University
UX Design Institute program student

Entered the UX design program through the UX Design Institute which provides in-depth UX education. Program course modules dive deep into research, analysis, prototyping and design, while real-world projects allow for hands on implementation of UX techniques such as competitive benchmarking, usability testing, customer journey maps, interaction design, clickable prototypes and wireframing.

Graduated with a Professional Diploma in UX Design from the Glasgow Caledonian University.


Seismic has developed a completely new category called Powered Clothing™. Powered Clothing™ integrates discreet robotics, designed to help individuals move better by working in collaboration with the body to provide strength, stability, and power. Seismic’s apparel was originally developed at SRI International for a DARPA-funded program to reduce injury risk and enhance soldier endurance. 

My high level responsibilities included industrial design, product design, graphic design, user experience, user research, product research and hands-on prototyping. My role developed more formally after my first year into the company’s solo graphic designer, reporting directly to the VP of Design.  My secondary responsibilities were leading our user experience design, while still continuing with product design and product/user testing.

Product and industrial design projects included early stage concept design, research studies in body loading and materials, CMF, suit component mockups, building looks-like as well as functional suit prototypes, and collaborating with partners including FuseProject, PCH International and Character.

Graphic design projects include internal and customer facing print and digital collateral, website design, textile graphic pattern exploration and design, tech packs focusing on complex product functionality and construction, technical illustrations, data visualization, presentations and pitch decks, and trade show/convention booth design.

UX design projects include customer journey mapping, user personas, A/B testing, brainstorming sessions, affinity diagrams, competitive benchmarking, qualitative and quantitative testing and data analysis, product design and testing, app design, user dashboard design, suit to user/user to suit communication, task analysis, interviews and surveys, usability testing, and field studies. Extensive research and user testing of don/doff, aesthetic preferences, sizing parameters, closures, washability, charging, and suit comfort among many more.

Hold seven patents from design work at Seismic: Systems and methods for assistive exosuit system, Patch systems for use with assistive exosuit, Systems and methods for assistive exosuit system, Patch systems for use with assistive exosuit, Systems and methods for assistive exosuit system, System and methods for portable powered stretching exosuit, and Exosuit.


TechShop was a do-it-yourself member based design and fabrication makerspace. TechShop provided access to open space, classes and support in addition to over $1 million in professional machinery and software in an extremely creative and community driven environment.

Managed staff, sales and member accounts, increasing revenue which provided new shop equipment and upgrades as well as more staff to support member projects. Possessing working knowledge of all tools and machines within the shop and how to fix/maintain them, I taught various classes/curriculum on machine use and design concepts.

Mentored members, supporting their projects by providing design process and principles advice, workflow and build best practices, and teaching members how to operate shop tools and machines safely and effectively.

In addition to supporting members on their endeavors, I started my own freelance design company initially focused graphic and product design with projects varying widely from building architectural models, 3D printing prototypes, construction of medical grade equipment, the design and fabrication of museum display pieces and consulting with small designers and firms on projects. I also designed and created a small line of handmade goods, selling my designs at locations such as The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

BA in Industrial Design, San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University's Industrial Design program addresses the creation of industrial goods and services and concentrates on three principle aspects of design -- process, people and product -- and incorporates the study of user-centered needs, relative to the responsible and resourceful implementation of technology innovation, materials, marketing principles, and aesthetic values. *

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, emphasis in Product Design and Development from San Francisco State University.

* Program description taken from San Francisco State University School of Design website.

Director of Operations

Humanmade is a nonprofit makerspace on a mission to create workforce development and STEAM programs. Worked tirelessly to raise over $1.3 million in funding and donations to successfully launch and open the doors of an empty floor at the Manufacturing Foundry into San Francisco’s largest and only nonprofit makerspace dedicated to workforce programming, as well as employ over a dozen low income Bay Area residents.

As part of a team of three in the very early stages of development, my role encompassed anything and everything at all levels.  Responsibilities varied greatly from funding strategy to building ten year budgets and business projections, from UX and visual design to business design such as collaborating with the team on our mission vision and execution including business plan, external messaging, branding strategy and voice of Humanmade.

My responsibilities encompassed defining, documenting and communicating the Humanmade brand and identity as well as design and create all graphic collateral, including social media graphics/content/messaging, newsletter templates, business cards, postcards, brochures, posters, and icons - in tandem with my operations responsibilities of funding strategy, company wide budgets and projections, accounting, facility and staff management, and implementation/upkeep of company systems.

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